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Undercover by Avery Aster


Talk show host Poppy White thought she’d seen it all while working in journalism, but when her boyfriend, Mikhail Chekhov, supposedly dies in a subway explosion and she goes to identify the body, the man on the table at the morgue isn’t as endowed as her lover. Nope. There’s no way that needle dick is his. But if Mikhail isn’t dead, then where is he?

Bisexual, dominant, and rich, Jagger Chabon is Mikhail’s hung, inked up, playboy of a lover on the down low. He knows why Mikhail is on the run and is desperate to find him before the CIA closes in to make their arrest. If only he could get rid of this pesky reporter who keeps sticking her perky breasts in his face. From New York to Russia, Poppy is only two steps behind Jagger, and it’s pissing him off. He thought he was over dating women. That is, of course, until he sleeps with her.

Once Mikhail is tracked down, who will he choose, Poppy or Jagger? Will Jagger be forced to let go of Poppy? Or will Poppy reveal a secret that could change the entire game, one that not even the CIA knows about?

Undercover Undercover by Avery Aster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Undercover
Author: Avery Aster

I've read many books of the Manhattanites series from Avery Aster and loved them, falling in love with the many characters that didn't seem to fit together but they did. Avery Aster has this ability to create characters that you almost love to hate, but love to love them, and that's what happened to me when i picked up her books. Undercover was no different, telling the story of Poppy, Mikhail and Jagger, their story so unbelievably twisted together in ways they never expected.

It's hot. Oh so very hot. And intriguing. Undercover is exactly that: the story of an undercover agent that needs to lay low, leaving his girlfriend to wonder what happened to him when he was declared dead but the body doesn't match the one that Poppy has come to know like the back of her hand. Only, what she never expected was to find out that Mikhail had a lover on the side, one that will make her question where she stands in their lives if they should ever find the elusive agent. This book had my heart pounding. It was completely unexpected and different from the other instalments that i truly can't wait to read more from her in the future to find out just what she's going to do with her characters from the Manhattanites world. I love it and know i'll be a fan of what Avery Aster has to offer to her readers!

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